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Sunday, 23 June 2013

3rd Stream Interview No. 3: Dziko

Psykhomantus: Yayee! So first question. When did you know you had a gift in Music?
Dziko: Yayee!! Erm I would say from a young age maybe 7 in malawi, me and my mates used formed a little group and we used to make instruments and sing UB 40 tracks LOL. Music was a big part of my life my uncles were a big influence they introduced me to reggae Burning Spear, Peter Tosh etc.
P: So how would you explain what your style of music is?
D: AFROELECTRICITY, its “fusion” really I listen to wide range of things so am just trying put those things into my music.
P: Your EP is now on iTunes. You must be happy with that. How long did it take you to make that EP?
D: Yessir! Its surreal mann… its been an on going project roughly about two 2 years and there is more to come still working on others bits as we speak so its an unfinished but finished project lol…
P: Now I met you though Rich Blk, but your name came about from Kenny Dust and we've vibe with Son Of Dan. How did you all meet?
D: I met Son of Dan through a mutual friend Kevin (THE CATALYST) at Blacktronica. They need to bring back Blacktronica it was dope… as for Rich and Kenny dust its all through “The Orun” Son of dan he is mad connected lol as you know
P: You’re on both Son Of Dan's mixtapes that I did. What were your thoughts on hearing your songs mixed on the mixtape?
D: Again surreal it’s weird hearing your voice like that. it was a buzz man it gave me courage.
P: Your a big fan of Rap music. Are you a 80s or Early 90s fan?
D: Early 90’s twas the golden era, Pete rock always repped for me…
P: Tell me 5 artists you feel or look up too?

D: Ooooh there too many, curtis Mayfield, bill wethers,omar, haal and oats and Samuel Jackson coz his a bad ass.
P: What other skills do you have that is outside of music?

D: Well am an artist so I also have art as my other practice aside from music. I try to combine the two wherever possible.
P: Is their a performance that you've done and said to yourself that you could of done that better?
D: Oh yes , I remember doing an open mic once.. with very liitle practice and I forgot the lyrics half way through the performance!! it was not a good look
P: When's the last time you had a water melon? Lol!
D: Just yesterday I had a watermelon juice in Shoreditch
P:  Last question. What will we be expecting in the future from you?

D: More music and art, new EP Afroelectricity 2
Check out Dziko and the rest of the 3rd Stream team at
3rd Stream Sampler by Psykhomantus
My Lifetime- Son Of Dan
Cassava 2- Kenny Dust
Shine A Light- Dziko
Diana- Enji
Oran's North Star- Son Of Dan
Take Things Off (Remix)- Enji
Get On The Floor- Son Of Dan
Cava feat Dziko- Enji
Truth 2- Dziko
The Blackwall Tunnel- Son Of Dan
Sunshine 3rd Jazz- Son Of Dan
The Sun- Dziko

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