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Monday, 11 February 2013

Street Cred: For The Love Of The Game Nike+ {Work Of Mart Edition}

Welcome to my second workout mixtape made by yours truly. This time we taking it outdoors to the streets so get ya Nike kicks on and #JUMP UP cause #THIZ IZ HIP HOP and all these tracks are produced by DJ Premier so don't be #SHOCK & AMAZE as i have #THE KEY to #MAKE THE SOUND be dedicated to the mind, body and soul. This is design for the #HARD BODY so you gotta #PLAY DIRTY and show that you ain't coming #SECOND PLACE to nobody. Your not #BORN IN THE TRAP when displaying your #GREATNESS, never #STOP WHAT YA DOIN', show your enemies that they are #ANONYMOUS, the weakness to #MIND YOUR BUSINESS, go in hard like rappers do when they get #STOODIOTYME.

Jump Up Feat Afrika Bambaataa (Dj Premier Remix)
Thiz Iz Hip Hip Feat Bumpy Knuckles
The Oracle
Shock & Amaze
The Key
Make The Sound Feat Rhymfest
Hard Body Feat Fat Joe & M.O.P.
Play Dirty Feat Style P & Busta Rhymes
Second Place
Born In The Trap
Stop What Ya Doin' (Feat. Celph Titled & Dj Premier)
Anonymous (Feat. Khaleel)
Mind Your Business

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