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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Rap Reloaded featuring Riley from The Boondocks

It's Here. Psykhomantus presents "Christmas Rap Reloaded featuring Riley from The Boondocks" WARNING! This mixtape is not for the kids, I repeat, this mixtape is not for the kids. Here Psykhomantus Remixed Profile Records classic 1987's Christmas Rap album, Christmas Rap Reloaded features some of the original joints by Dana Dane, Derek B (R.I.P), Sweet Tee, Derek B, Dana Dane & Treacherous Three, adding some recent Xmas joints to the mix by Black Milk, De La Soul, J-Ro, Ludacris, Sean Price and many more. 

Happy Holidays Y'all and follow me on

0 Writing To Santa (Intro) By Riley Freeman
1 Let The Jingle Bells Rock By Sweet Tee
2 Rock The Bells (Beat) By Ll Cool J
3 My Christmas Bells (Rock The Bells Beat) By Hard Call Xmas
4 Chillin With Santa By Derek B
5 Santa's Rap (Chillin' With Santa's Beat) By Treacherous Three
6 Skit By Jazmine & Riley Freeman
7 Santa Baby By Run, Mase, Diddy & Snoop Dogg
8 Ho Ho Ho By J-Ro
9 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town By Bing Crosby
10 Dana Dane Is Coming To Town By Dana Dane
11 Long Red By Mountain
12 Wonderful Christmas By Paul Mccartney
13 Simply Having (Mantus Mix) By Black Milk
14 Simply By De La Soul
15 Red Dot On Your Head (Skit) By Uncle Ruckas
16 Merry Muthafuckin' Christmas By Easy-E
17 Ludacrismas By Ludacris
18 'Christmas In Hollis' By Run Dmc
19 Do Your Thing By Isaac Hayes
20 Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto By Snoop Dogg, Daz, Bad Azz & Nate Dogg
21 Riley Attacks Santa (Skit) By Riley Freeman
22 Santa's Got A Muthafunkin' Uzi By Mr Lif
23 Crustitled Christmas By R.A. The Rugged Man & Mac Lethal
24 How Sean Prince Stole Christmas By Sean Price
25 Hoj Holiday Jam By Phonte
26 Riley's Message To Santa (Outro) By Riley Freeman
27 Christmas Carpet By Roddy Rod

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  1. do you have another download link available? Excellent Christmas Mix