Only adults are admitted. Nobody younger than 18 can hire or listen to Psykhomantus in the club or your speakers with this rating. The DJ under this category do not have limitation on the bad language that is used. Hard Beats are generally allowed, and strong Scratchin/Beat Juggling along with Body Tricks activity is also allowed. Scenes of strong real sex may be permitted if justified by a fly groupie.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

'Press: DJ Rob Swift To Release "Roc For Raida" Mix CD on March 20, 2012'

Roc for Raida is a collection of songs (some unreleased) and DJ battle style routines that defined Grand Master Roc Raida the artist. I also recorded original scratch/beat juggle compositions dedicated to Raida. In addition to the assortment of music, I included what I thought were lost interview archives (courtesy of John Carluccio) which take you, the listener, into the minds of X-men's Steve Dee, myself and of course the man of the hour, Roc Raida.Mista Sinista, Precision and Total Eclipse also make cameos paying tribute to some of our favorite Roc Raida battle sets.

The CD will be available on March 20th, 2012 at bandcamp and
In a day when DJs spin for free bottle service at a club... In a technological age where DJs let a computer program do all the DJing for them... The Roc for Raida mix CD is a reminder that Raida's accomplishments stemmed for a true love of DJing. Enjoy!
DJ Rob Swift

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