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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Free Download: Tron Urban Legacy 2

Two years I put the first part of Tron Uban Legacy mixtape out on web page before it got closed down, then the next year (Last year) I re uploaded it onto The first mixtape was just my version of what it would be like in the sci-fi world with soul. I am a big fan of sci-fi movies and a big fan of Tron. Tron 2 didn't get too much hype but I still liked the film even so it was way overated. As for the mixtape It was over 500 downloads with in two months then Megaupload took it off. I was pissed, didn't know That mixtape was gonna go wild like that but am sure people must of thought it had something to do with the movie, Oh! Well. Anyway! I enjoyed making it as I am known and surrounded by Funk, Soul and Hip Hop, I don't get much time to hear Broken Beat or Electronica which am a big fan of. Something about Electronic Soul music that sends a buzz to me like when i first heard rap music as a kid, it's the new funk for me, sci-fi funk. Tunes like "Everybody Touch It" by J Davey, "Souls Brother" and "Dust & Kisses" by Sa-Ra Creative Partnership, "Black Sun" by The Politik and Hollywood by Joy Jones hits me in the same way as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Big Daddy Kane and EPMD did. My good friend Sure Shot downloaded Tron Uban Legacy onto CD and played it every time we got into his car. He kept buggin me to do another one but I never got round to it as I had way to many projects and gigs to do, I just never had the time and also not putting my ear to the street as much to know what was out and bangin' in the world of that type of music, It was out of my circle as I was more focus on my Breaks for B-Boy events back then. Well! fast fwd to now and I did get to manage to peep whats out there and kept some of the songs that I'm diggin in the Electronica world on file. This second version remains me of the first, hearing something new, creative and funky but most important, futuristic. Enjoy this one, who know's, another one might come out. Time will tell.

Nobody- @Peace
The One (Another WAAJEED Remix)- Onra feat T3
What Ever- Dego feat LuvBugz
Wings- Union feat Elzhi
Real People- Black Einstein
You Got- Andrea Clarke & Daz-I-Kue
Yellow Sound- Funkineven & Fatima
Astral Love Affair- Bug
Hoodligan- Mark de Clive-Lowe feat Nia Andrews
Poison Candy- Reggie B
2Life- Stacy Epps
Waves- Freddie Joachim
What The Funk- Prof Logik
Cushion- Samiyam
Remember- Sotu The Traveller
Angel (She's Like Magic)- I,Ced
Obtaining- Soia
A Native Affair- Antithesis
Les Saisons- B.Lewis
Loungin'- Evil Needle

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