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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Download: The Official Kenny Dust mixtape: Dust Particles

Dust Particles: Vol, 0

Hello, I’m kenny dust and I’m a recovering perfectionist. This mixtape is the revelation of what has become a closely guarded secret. Music created between 1999-2004 either produced by or featuring yours truly. This never really saw the light of day cos as a perfectionist, I was never happy with it. I was always hearing room for improvement especially from a technical standpoint. At this point I lived in the studio, namely Raw Material Music & Media based in King’s Cross, London. That’s where I first learned how to make beats using Cubase on an old Atari computer and an AKAI S950. I was taught mainly by Storm and D.A. Tones. Raw Material was real creative hub where I met and worked with so many talented people. You could walk in at any time and bump into artists-MCs, producers, DJs, film-makers etc. I just had high standards, maybe too high. I never considered my stuff to be ‘UK Hip-Hop’-none of us did. I was highly influenced by East Coast hip-hop. Gangstarr, GURU (RIP) was a big influence on me as an MC and of course Premo on the beats but also Wu, Diamond D, Pete Rock & Large Pro. That was the level I always aspired to, even when engineering I was trying to get as close to the sound of my favourite albums and songs-with limited means. Soulful, rough around the edges, warm and dusty.

In hindsight, I’m able to love and appreciate it with new perspective. I still hear the imperfections and stuff but it also gives it character, which I feel is at an all time low in music right now but that’s another story…

I have many great memories of this period of my life and this mixtape is a like a photo album in many ways, documenting it all. I didn’t even realise just how many people there were in those pictures. I felt like the time was right to share this with all those people and the world, so here it is…

I wanna thank all the artists that I have worked with, you have been crucial to my development as a person and as an artist. Thanks to all the cheerleaders who’ve been supporting me throughout, you believed in me before I did. Eternal gratitude.

Extra special thanks to DJ Psykhomantus, destroying careers since 19-how long. You’re like Rampage featuring Busta Rhymes-Wild for the Night! Lol

Thanks for your time and your energy, you are always creative and ambitious in all you do. It’s inspiring and it helps keep me on point. Keep pushing the envelope, like a pissed off postman.

I know your girl’s definitely mad cos it took us too long to do this mixtape…

The Essence-M.a.D Danger
Storm of the Underground- M.a.D Danger
Blowin' Brains Out- Krome
Underground Boss- Alpha Soul
Skit 01
Secrets- M.a.D Danger
Unrestrainable Example- K-Cire
Nightmare- LDF
Momentum- Full Circle
Grimy Sh*t- Ice-Man
Skit 02
Constellations- Kenny Dust
Abstract Fantasy- M.a.D Danger
Cruisin- D.A. Tones
Skit 03
Voice For The Voiceless (original)- Alpha Soul
LDF Theme- LDF
Soldiers- Big Tone
Stress Factor- Stress
Wotitslike-Verbal Abuse
Strictly Hardcore- Alpha Soul
Skit 04
Killin' Fields- M.a.D Danger
Life Music- M.a.D Danger
In The Zone- M.a.D Danger
No Coming Back- M.a.D Danger
Skit 05
Battle -Kenny Dust

All tracks produced by kenny dust except:

The Essence, produced by Maestrology

In The Zone & Battle produced by Storm

Constellations produced by Filip Agada

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